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Quote of the
"You masterbate more that anyone on the planet."
"Yeah, everyone knows that. Tell me something no one knows."
"When you do it you're thinking about guys."
".......Dude... not all the time."
-Jason Mewes and Chris Rock, Dogma

It was mentioned to me that this website hasn't been updated in years. If you're interested in my current news or life, visit my journal at

~~Site Under Construction!!~~

I put up a new Songs/Poems page. Check it out! Still small, but it's a start.

Ideas for the page that I'd like to get up:
  • .wavs of my songs
  • lyrics to mine and other people's songs (Mike H., for example)
  • A running story, perhaps, or soap-opera type thing?

    Since I know you can't live without knowing what's going on on my life, here's some stuff:

    Ok, so that's me. You can leave now if you want. Whatever. It really doesn't matter. I did spend all this time, typing HTML and downloading and uploading and thinking of things to say, but, you know, it doesn't really matter. Not at all! Go ahead, just leave, go to your big fancy-shmancy commercial website and leave me alone in the dust. I don't mind, really!! :-)
    lol. I'm j/k. Since you're still here, you might as well check out some of my junk. Give me suggestions. Really! Please? Will you if I make a guestbook? I hate them, but I will if I must to get you people to comment... *sniffle pout*

    Embarrassing Pictures
    Artwork Page
    Ask Becki

    Last Updated 10/05/01
    Who IS that ugly person?! I thought I said only lovely people were allowed...

    Questions? Comments? Ideas? Help?
    Please email me!