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Ok, you found them. Here are my "embarrassing" pictures. I wish I could do more, but my scanner hasn't been working lately. It's very sad. Send me pics, guys!!!
By the way, the pictures will pop up in a new window, and each new pic you click on will be in that same new window. Got it? K.

NEW! Linda's very fashionable "Richard Simmons meets Policeman" look.

NEW! Mike's initial reaction when I first asked him out. (j/k)

This is me and my third-time ex. (Bad breakup, you can see.)

My friend Heather and I, right before she fell of the Empire State Building's gazebo on the roof. So tragic. ;-)

My fave cousin Heidi, sleeping peacefully. Wonder what she's dreaming... from the looks of things, her boyfriend's cute butt.

Heather and her former boyfriend, caught about to share a kiss. Now that I think of it, I can't remember why they broke up. They were so good together!

Ohh yes! That's why! And he was such a good kisser, too...

The famous Apathetic Bob from Beauty and the Bobs. He doesn't look so apathetic now, however...I guess the stress of wearing pink pajamas in public finally got to him.

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