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Poems and Songs
This is a new section, where I'll post poems and songs. If I get my microphone working, maybe I'll even put up some .wavs here... for now, though, it's just lyrics. Enjoy.

The Black Death (This was written for my freshman history class)

The Black Death.
Dead bodies everywhere,
the diseased rats squeaked
and ran off
to spread the plague
to more victims.
The bubonic plague
the Black Death they call it
sweating heavily,
spitting blood,
swelling, black bruises,
terrible odors
suffering, pain, and agony
and your loved ones watch
you die.
Racing across Europe
touching Asia and North Africa
destroying Mesopotamia, Syria, and Armenia
the plague roared on
killing everyone it passed
murdering one in three people
with no mercy
no cure
and no way to stop it.
The Black Death.

Every Time I Look at You (This tied for 5th place in the Chelmsford Library Poetry Slam a few years ago.. I was in the paper (heehee)

Every time I look at you
I can't help but think
of the way it used to be.
I see you in the hallway,
with your new group of friends,
and I can't help but stare.
I notice your blue earrings
and the memory of your birthday party
takes over my mind...
That's when I gave your those.
You don't see me looking,
but I am paying attention to everything you do.
Your friends,
the friends I will never have,
look back at me and laugh.
You laugh too,
and you lead them away.
Right before you turn the corner,
you sneak a look at me
and make a face at me.
It's a face of triumph,
a patronizing face,
a face that clearly says
"Too bad, you lost!"
You laugh again,
and you and your group
disappear into the distance.
The hallway is now empty,
and once again,
I am alone.

Happy Song (Ok, this is really dumb, I know. I went around and asked everyone to think of Happy Words.)

Butterfly, rainbow, sunshine, key lime pie
rainforest, Valentine, Clouds in the sky,

(Chorus)Na na na na na na na na na na-na na-na na na na-na
These all are happy words cuz this is my happy song!

Polka dots, Do si do, Peppermint, Winter snow
Christmas, turkey, popcorn, kiwi-mango
Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary
These all are happy things that you can say to me
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
These all are happy words, cuz this is my happy song

Circus clown, chocolate, snuggle puff, cow
Colorful, Angel, kitty, meow


Tangled (This is one of the first, and best, songs I've written. I think.)

The alarm clock beeps and I have to get up
The stupid thing rules my frickin life
Then I have to get the mail and it's a bunch of crap
always the same people trying to sell the same old junk
You walk down the hallway, people all around
just talking and giggling like the idiots they are
and when they see you they stop and stare
then look at each other and laugh their heads off!
There's not a moment's peace, it's impossible to think
the droan of their voices is a loud annoying blur
I look up at a Coke sign and see that this
is the God they all worship, the God of Commerce
It's impossible to escape, they're everywhere
they're all slaves of the media, and they don't mind
and the very next guy wearing Abercrombie
is gonna be thrown in the street!!!

(Chorus) So I'm not taking it anymore
This world of insanity is just too much
The web of shallowness is their only world
and I'm tangled up in it and there's no way out!

I'm stuck in a world of people who think
that money is the source of everything
and what you wear and how you look define
who you are
and how you act
and what you like
and what you do!
Nobody dares to try anything
that didn't appear on TV first
because if you voice your real opinion
they'll chase you down and hold your mouth shut!


Why am I cursed, being stuck in this place?
What did I do, to deserve this punishment?
Why is it me that can't be like the others?
How come I'm the only one to realize

(Chorus 3x)

The End (I like this song a lot... I love the lyrics, but I haven't been able to get the perfect music for it yet.)
I wonder if the earth would still turn around
I wonder if the stars would fall from the sky
If you weren't in this world
Would the world still exist?
I wonder if we all would still survive

If you weren't in this world
Idon't think I could live
If you weren't in this world
There would be nothing
The bonds are breaking away
I can't hold you much longer
But if you leave my world
It will be the end

Everything I see's a reflection of you
All the truth I know is in your eyes
The shadows overhead
Are taking you away
On my knees, I pleady mercy of the sky

(Chorus 2x, repeat first verse)

Authority (I wrote this for English w/ Mr. Dangel last year... best teahcer ever! It's based on "Lord of the Flies.")

Civilization is washed away
By the tidal wave of savagery
From uniforms and Tea-time
To filthiness and blood
The fearful children stand alone
No mother there to run to
But Jack provides some comfort
They look to him as God

Authority is dependent on
The neccessities of the people
Authority is based upon
Their fears and their desires
The beast is growing stronger
And Jack is gaining power
When the children are in hunger
Authority prevails

The children scramble on the beach
And call the boy their leader
He offers them protection
His promise is the world
But Jack burns up their ticket home
A sacrifice for the thrill
The littluns blindly follow
Survival changes course

(Chrous 2x)

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