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Song About A Mouse
This is a song about a mouse (a mouse)
This mousey lived inside a house (a house)
Every single morning, Mr. Mouse would wake up
He'd put a lttle coffee and some milk in his cup
He said hi to the neighbors, and he patted the pup
And that's just the beginning...

Later he went for a little walk (a walk)
He stopped by the beaver's house to talk (to talk)
Beaver wasn't home 'cause he was at a party
The mouse was pretty jealous, why shouldn't he be?
He thought "Why didn't they invite me?"
So he walked home in tears.

He called around to find the party place
He found out it was run by Mr. Chase
He called him up and you know what he said?
So the mouse and Mr. Chase, they had a fight (a fight)
People voted on which one was right (was right)
In the end the winner was Mr. Mouse
So HE had a party, it was at HIS house
Mrs. Chase was invited, but not her spouse
And Mr. Mouse was happy again.
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