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Alone Again

Every time I look at you
I can't help but think
of the way it used to be.
I see you in the hallway,
with your new group of friends,
and I can't help but stare.
I notice your blue earrings
and the memory of your birthday party
takes over my mind...
That's when I gave your those.
You don't see me looking,
but I am paying attention to everything you do.
Your friends,
the friends I will never have,
look back at me and laugh.
You laugh too,
and you lead them away.
Right before you turn the corner,
you sneak a look at me
and make a face at me.
It's a face of triumph,
a patronizing face,
a face that clearly says
"Too bad, you lost!"
You laugh again,
and you and your group
disappear into the distance.
The hallway is now empty,
and once again,
I am alone.

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