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The Story of Us

Iím gonna tell you a story about a group of friends,
But the story, you see, certainly depends
On who the storyteller is, and their point of view.
Anyway, hereís the story, from me to you.

There once were two girls, they were very best buds,
And they happened to have crushes on two studs.
They became friends with the boys, and, (this is true)
It turned out that those guys were best friends too!

Crystal* started things by asking Micheal* out to the dance,
And Sara* followed suit by asking John* for a chance.
They all went together and the dance was great,
So they decided, next Friday, to go on a date.

The group went to the movies, it was pretty good,
The couples even held hands (like they hoped they would.)
But after two dates, John was a little mistaken,
He thought Sara was his girlfriend, so she was taken!

Rebecca*ís birthday party was the next place they met,
Sara had a good time, but John was upset,
Because during the party Sara flirted with Bob*,
And John got really angry and started to sob.

So John went outside and proceded to walk.
Ashley* chased after, and the two had a talk.
As they talked, some things started to come out
That they had never before told anyone about.

But later that night, after John had gone,
And all of the girls were beginning to yawn,
They all spilled out secrets, the old and the new,
And Ashley told Ďem some of Johnís secrets, too.

The next weekend everyone had a long chat,
And we talked and we argued about this and that.
John found out that Sara was NOT his girlfriend,
And Ashley hadnít kept her mouth shut in the end.

Now John hated Bob, he was mad at Ash too,
And for a while, he was nothing but blue.
When someone said Sara or Steve he had pain,
And seeing them together made him go insane!

Well, Iíd like to say that things turned out OK,
They lived happily forever, the problems went away-
But I canít, because thatís not the way things go.
The conflicts still exist, and thatís as much as I know.

*Names have been changed
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