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Quote of the
Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
-Morpheus, in The Matrix

Hellooooo lovely people! For all of you that are not lovely, please go away. This site is not for you. In other words, "You ARE the Weakest Link. Goodbye!"

Now that it's just us special people, I can tell you what's up with me! Here goes:

  • Stuff I Have to Do. I started my job recently, being a receptionist for Drum Hill Eye Associates. It's not bad, $8/hr and 10 1/2 hrs./wk. Other than that, I'm supposed to be coming up with a Gold Project, which I'm getting really annoyed about. Grrr!!! I'm trying, but it's not working.
  • Acting.Well, I'm taking the Acting class 1st semester, that will be fun. Fall play auditions are soon! The play is "Lend Me a Tenor", and it's a really funny script. Wish me luck.
  • Friends.Liz's and Jen's parties were fun, thanks everyone! Steve and Jen are gone for the rest of the summer, so sad. :-( Enjoy the last few weeks of vacation!!
  • <3 Love <3 I was chasing after Ted again, but he wasn't calling me back and he canceled on me thre times. Three strikes and you're out, buddy... So I'm looking.
  • Family/Pets. Starlight, my bunny, passed away back in April (a few days before Easter, coincidentally.) I got goldfish!!! Their names are Angel and Joe. They rock! My dog's surgery went fine, but she's going to be limping around for another few months while she recovers.
  • Music.Guitar is going great! I'm learning a lot, and getting better at it. Some friends are even thinking of making a band. We have, so far, 5 singers, (maybe) two guitars, a trumpet, various songwriters, and Mike is trying to learn bass. Definitely Top 10 material, don't you think?

    Ok, so that's me. You can leave now if you want. Whatever. It really doesn't matter. I did spend all this time, typing HTML and downloading and uploading and thinking of things to say, but, you know, it doesn't really matter. Not at all! Go ahead, just leave, go to your big fancy-shmancy commercial website and leave me alone in the dust. I don't mind, really!! :-)
    lol. I'm j/k. Since you're still here, you might as well check out some of my junk. Give me suggestions. Really! Please? Will you if I make a guestbook? I hate them, but I will if I must to get you people to comment... *sniffle pout*

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    Updated 8/23/01
    Who IS that ugly person?! I thought I said only lovely people were allowed...

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