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My Best Friend

Of all the friends I've ever had,
you have been the best.
Laughing together,
crying together,
Staying up nights talking about
and nothing.

We shared so much...
the same crushes,
the same clothes,
the same interests,
and the same friends.

Of all the people in my life,
Only you know the real me.
You have been my friend,
my companion, my sister,
And you mean more to me
than anyone.

But lately,
we've drifted apart.
I hardly see you anymore;
you are busy
with your boyfriend,
or church, or babysitting.

What are you thinking?
How do you feel?
What's happening in your life?
I have no idea.

But even from a distance,
I still want to know.
I still care.
You still matter to me.
And no matter what happens,
you are-
you always will be-
my best friend.